Testosterone Injections For Colorado Men Suffering With Low T

Testosterone injections are the most widely practiced and cost effective means of testosterone therapy. These steroid hormone injections are self-administered by men suffering from low circulating testosterone levels.

Testosterone Injections for Colorado Men With Andropause or Low T

ThriveMD HRT Testosterone injections are safe and effective, and most importantly, they produce immediate results. They boost sex drive and enhance  sexual function, improve mood and drive, increase metabolism and mental activity in men who take them. Testosterone injections are widely resorted to by hypogonadal men undergoing treatment for the replacement of low androgen levels. If you have a male hormone deficiency ask your physician about the injectable form of testosterone.

Before taking a testosterone injection, tell your doctor about all other prescription medicines, nutritional supplements and herbal products you are taking. If you are diabetic, these injections can affect your blood sugar levels. Testosterone replacement therapy is not for everyone, make sure to tell your doctor if you have or are at risk for coronary disease, cancer or prostate problems.

The Benefits and Effects of Injecting Testosterone

The benefits of testosterone injections include more energy and muscle strength, stronger bones, less wrinkling and skin thickening, dramatic improvement in sexual desire, reduced body fat, much improved mood and drive, better sleep with decreased irritability and depression. Testosterone injections are also recommended for otherwise healthy men persons with high cholesterol and  blood pressure as they improve good cholesterol and blood flow to the heart during exercise. Testosterone has been shown to enhance the dilation of coronary arteries, the arteries providing blood to heart muscles increasing blood flow and decreasing blood pressure.


Immediately after every testosterone injection, a man’s blood serum testosterone level is elevated higher than his current natural levels bringing free circulating androgens back up into normal and optimal ranges for improved health and wellness. In the normal course of therapy, after 4 or 5 days it tends to drop back down and another shot is administered to re-elevate testosterone levels in the blood .


Thrive Men who take testosterone injections dramatically increase their sex drive and sexual function, energy levels, strength, and muscle tone. Medical studies show that men experience a gradual loss of the male sex hormone androgen starting around the age of 35, and by the age of 75 have adverse health conditions and debilitating signs and symptoms including erectile dysfunction, depression and extensive muscle loss. Men who have low testosterone levels and don’t seek treatment to replace low androgen levels find an increase in the number of health-related issues they experience.

Are You A Candidate For Low T Injections?

Low T Symptoms in Men such as declining libido, complete lack of energy, social withdrawal, depression, increased body fat, reduced strength, mood swings, hot flashes and inability to sleep are debilitating. If your hormone levels are lower than normal, you could be a candidate for a Low Testosterone Program.  Men who get treatment for Low T find the quality of their lives dramatically improve including their sexual health, energy levels, drive to succeed, ability to workout, build strong muscle, lose weight and improve overall body composition.


The Thrive HRT Testosterone Treatment  Program is the most comprehensive male hormone replacement  program serving residents of Boulder and Denver areas. We have treated many men in their late 30’s to late 70’s to restore low testosterone levels helping to alleviate symptoms due to age related decline, hypogonadism or Andropause, the male menopause.


Testosterone Injections at the Thrive MD – Low T Center

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