Low Testosterone Treatment In Boulder

How ThriveMD Testosterone Clinic Can Help You Regain Your Life

Testosterone is a hormone found in the testicles of men and the ovaries of women but in much smaller amounts. It begins to produce during puberty and will start to diminish after the age of 30. This hormone is often associated with a person’s sex drive and plays a significant role in sperm production.

Testosterone affects other parts of your body such as your bones, how men store fat in their body and muscle mass. This hormone can also play a vital role in producing red blood cells. In men, testosterone levels can have an effect on their moods. When testosterone levels are low, you can experience other various symptoms.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

When men suffer low testosterone levels, there are a variety of symptoms. You may experience low self-esteem, thinner bones, moodiness, decreased sex drive, less, energy, less body hair, weight gain or feelings of depression.

There are reasons besides age that can lower the levels of testosterone which can occur before you are ready to live with the symptoms. If you have suffered an injury to your testicles, received cancer treatments like radiation or chemotherapy, you may notice symptoms developing that indicate your testosterone levels are dropping.

There are also diseases such as alcoholism, cirrhosis of the liver, AIDS, and kidney disease that can lower your testosterone levels. These chronic diseases along with stress may have you suffering from symptoms of testosterone levels being too low, and you should have a blood test performed to check your levels.

How to Test for Low Testosterone

A blood test can tell if your testosterone levels are too low. Your bloodstream has a wide range of testosterone circulating throughout your body indicating your levels are within normal. An adult male will have levels between 250 and 1100 ng/dl while the adult female is at 8 to 60ng/dl.

If your levels are low, it could indicate a problem with your pituitary glands. These glands send a signaling hormone to your testicles telling it to produce more testosterone. Having a low level could mean your pituitary gland is unable to send this signal. If you are suffering from low testosterone levels, you should seek Testosterone Replacement Therapy Boulder.

How Testosterone Replacement Therapy At ThriveMD Boulder Can Help You

ThriveMD Boulder, we offer testosterone treatments that will enable you to experience a significant reduction or elimination of your symptoms. This treatment will optimize the levels of testosterone levels in your bloodstream.

Testosterone replacement therapy Boulder helps with a variety of symptoms. If you are experiencing the loss of bone density, muscle mass, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, sleep disturbances, or are feeling moments of moodiness, you should contact ThriveMD and discuss their testosterone replacement therapy.

Through their therapy, you will regain a balance of testosterone and estrogen in your body along with bio identical hormone replacement therapy to reduce risks and maximize your benefits. They will design a regimen for you based on your symptoms, lifestyle, and goals. Through the testosterone program, you will receive all necessary medications, consultations and laboratory tests.

Testosterone replacement therapy Boulder has been the missing puzzle piece in many men’s lives. Find what your body is missing by contacting ThriveMD and start putting your life back together through testosterone replacement therapy.

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