Five Reasons Men Are Using TRT Without a Doctor

While interest in non-medical uses for TRT is on the rise, you need to know the truth about taking testosterone hormone replacement for reasons other than low testosterone.

Can you use testosterone replacement without a doctor? This is an important topic that must be discussed with all men seeking to use testosterone “recreationally.” Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a hormone replacement therapy used to treat men suffering from low testosterone. It can help to treat fatigue, sexual dysfunction, erectile dysfunction (ED), weight gain, loss of muscle mass, depression, and irritability if they are caused by low testosterone. However, TRT can only be administered by a doctor if you’ve been diagnosed with low testosterone using a blood panel.

Some men are interested in TRT because they believe that supplementing with testosterone will give them “the edge” even though they already have stable testosterones levels. These men are interested in non-medical uses for TRT. The truth is that TRT does often provide men with many desirable side effects that can enhance everything from physical endurance to sexual performance. Let’s take a look at the five non-medical uses for TRT.

1. Weight Loss

“Long-term testosterone therapy in men with testosterone deficiency produces significant and sustained weight loss, marked reduction in waist circumference and BMI and improvement in body composition,” according to a published review on testosterone and weight loss. Weight gain is very common among men with low testosterone levels. Fat that accumulates around the midsection is a particular problem within this group. The truth is that weight gain is often part of a vicious cycle that begins once testosterone levels begin to dip. When testosterone levels drop, the body loses its ability to efficiently develop muscle mass. The body instead puts on fat in the place of muscle. This becomes a never-ending cycle because fatty tissue produces excess amounts of estrogen. The influx of estrogen in a man with low testosterone actually acts to further suppress testosterone levels. Adding to the problem is the fact that the fatigue that is often created by low testosterone levels makes working out difficult. For men with low testosterone, TRT is often the only thing that can get them away from a cycle of weight gain.

It should come as no surprise that some men who have heard about TRT’s benefits for weight loss are interested in using testosterone to lose weight. Yes, testosterone replacement can play a vital role in weight loss when weight gain is caused by low testosterone. However, it is not considered an appropriate option for a man with acceptable testosterone levels who simply wants a shortcut for losing weight. What’s more, testosterone may not help with weight loss if the actual underlying cause of weight gain isn’t addressed.

2. Increased Energy Levels

Some men mistake TRT for an energy shot. Yes, it’s known that testosterone therapy has been shown to improve mitochondrial function, increase energy utilization, boost motivation, and enhance vigor. However, it should not be used recreationally to increase energy. The truth is that IV therapies, supplements, and dietary changes can provide much safer benefits for boosting energy levels without altering hormone levels.

3. Boosted Sexual Drive and Performance

TRT is often sold on the Internet as being the ultimate tool for sexual enchantment. In men with low testosterone levels, TRT can actually help to fix erectile dysfunction (ED), increase sperm count, and boost sex drive. However, low testosterone isn’t always the cause of sexual performance issues. What’s more, taking testosterone for its sexual benefits as a healthy man can actually backfire. That’s because TRT is linked with possible infertility. The seriousness of taking TRT for non-medical uses is blatantly obvious for men who plan on having children in the future.

4. Increased Athletic Endurance

Athletes are increasingly using testosterone replacement to try to get the physical edge. This is another case where the benefit of increased endurance can be incredible for men who are suffering from reduced physical capabilities due to low testosterone levels. However, using TRT simply to boost stamina isn’t considered a proper medical usage.

5. Fast Gains in Muscle Mass

It’s common to put on lean muscle mass fairly quickly after beginning TRT. It’s important to remember that the increase in muscle mass is actually a correction from the reduction in muscle mass that was experienced after testosterone levels began to decline. This can be an exciting time because many men find motivation to get back to the gym after feeling defeated and hopeless over their inability to put on muscle while living with medically low testosterone levels. It’s very tempting for bodybuilders, weightlifters, and people who want results from the gym to consider using TRT to bulk up. However, this is not an appropriate usage of TRT for someone with testosterone levels within the normal range.

The Safe Way to Use TRT With Help From Hormone Doctors Serving Boulder and Denver

At Eliv8MD, we feel that we cannot overstress the importance of only seeking TRT from reputable, licensed medical professionals capable of evaluating your testosterone levels. Testosterone hormone replacement supplements that you find advertised online are not safe. While most TRT products for sale online are simply fake, others may contain actual testosterone that can create undesirable side effects that can impair your health.

The only way to safely be prescribed testosterone is to have your testosterone levels evaluated to see if you suffer from medically low testosterone. If this is the case, a personalized plan for administering the correct testosterone levels will be created. In addition, your results will be monitored using routine serum testing to ensure that you’re on the right track.

Do you suspect that you suffer from low testosterone? The benefits of weight loss, increased endurance, improved sexual performance, and lean muscle mass may be waiting for you when you correct your testosterone deficiency using TRT. Book a TRT consultation in Louisville, Colorado today by calling (720) 591-9466, emailing, or contact us online.

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